My Logo: The Process

Here it is- my official logo! The idea behind this logo is to represent the characteristics of my first OC, Nitro the Cheetah. Therefore, I gave him blue streaks to make it look as if he is running at super speed. I fully realized this logo by drawing it out as a rough sketch before bringing it into Illustrator and tracing it. Then, I brought it to life by giving it a painting in Photoshop and modifying the Layer Styles. This was a process that I repeated multiple times for each specific piece that I considered using as my logo. The final step involved bringing it into Maya and texturing each of the faces.

Opening Animation

Eric noce business card ready

The final business card-ready render

Eric noce initial photo

The initial sketch

Eric noce traced resized

Vector traced

Eric noce traced coloured 1

Design 1

Eric noce traced coloured 2

Design 2

Eric noce traced coloured 3

Design 3

Eric noce traced coloured 4

Design 4

Eric noce traced coloured 5

Design 5

Eric noce svg

Design 6

Eric noce maya render view 1

Final Maya render